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April 08 2015


Small Business Customer Relationship Management

Customers are a vital part of any business. Without customers there is no way a business can make money and grow the way they should. When a small business is trying to grow they need to put the focus where it belongs, the customers. Creating a strong relationship with customers is the best way to secure the future of a small business and start earning more revenue.

Smaller business has a disadvantage over companies with a large staff and plenty of money to spend on complex computer systems and tools. In order to make customer relationships more manageable providers such as InTouch offer powerful tools. Small business owners and leaders can visit intouchcrm.com for more information about the powerful tools available now.

Contact Management is one of the most important parts of customer relationship management. The difference between losing a sale and closing a deal could mean something as simple as sending out the right email at the right time. Keeping contact information in the right place can make it much easier to reach out to current and new customers. Using a tracking system makes it possible to easily see who need to be contacted and with what information.


Email Marketing has become one of the most popular ways to reach current customers effectively. By providing tools for email marketing InTouchCRM allows small businesses to retain customers by informing them of changes in policies, new on the latest products and services, or announcing the latest deals on products and services.

Automated Emails can be sent to members of the contact list, making it easy to inform customers of the latest news for the products and services they want. Depending on what kind of customer is being contacted an automated email can contain specific information that particular customer will find most valuable. This process allows customers to stay informed without having to visit the site every day.

Web Forms are a surprisingly powerful tool for . When a user wants to be informed of the latest new, products and services they can simply sign up for the newsletter. Adding contacted information can be automated with these forms, making it easier to track customers and tailor automated emails to their needs.

Survey Tools allow business owners to collect feedback directly from the customer, making it easy to figure out what's working and what's not. Direct feedback is a great way to tell how customers are responding to the current digital marketing strategy, and provides focus points to improve upon.

Social Media Management is a great way to reach customers and keep a healthy dialogue. Social media sites have millions of visitors every day, tapping into even a fraction of that market is a huge victory for small businesses.
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